Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Reklam i böcker?

Linda Skugge undrar varför det inte finns reklam i böckerna. Här är en till med de tankarna, författarcoachen Jurgen Wolff:
"...publishers are still very reluctant, for the most part, to be innovative. It’s still a slow-moving and tradition-bound industry. For instance, three things that could help keep books alive:
1. Local print on demand . Since April, Blackwell’s book store on Charing Cross Road has had the Espresso Book Machine. It allows a book to be selected from a library of a million titles and printed and bound in under five minutes. You can also order POD book online at www.blackwell.co.uk.
2. More places to sell books. Yes, you can get a couple of titles at Starbucks coffee shops and sometimes cookbooks at high-end food shops, but the potential for selling titles that relate to specific types of businesses is huge.
3. More sponsorship. What if you could get a 25% discount on a book as long as you didn’t mind having an ad on the back cover or in an insert? Personally, I prefer my books ad-free but I’m sure many people wouldn’t mind if it meant saving money, and the sponsors would get more eyeball time than from a one-off ad in a newspaper."

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