Sunday, July 05, 2009

Caroline Smailes

Har lagt in en ny blogg bland engelskspråkiga bloggar om skrivande. Caroline Smailes. Blev nyfiken på henne när jag läste om hennes böcker här.
Han skriver bl a:
"The bravery I’m talking about is in her writing. It’s there for all to see. Caroline writes with the intensity of a blowtorch. Her words ring with unflinching truth. Whether she's writing about child abuse or the harrowing relationships suffered by mismatched men and women, tainting, tarnishing and finally destroying the lives of their children.
Ms Smailes writes from the viewpoint of a tortured, grieving spirit that has been mercilessly battered by a pitiless life. That parallel hell we all fear in our blackest imaginings if our cosy worlds were to ever crash around us.
She’s there, putting on paper the dark places we recognise, but, in embarrassment, guilt, or self-denial, avoid thinking about. Caroline speaks where we fear to utter. Surely the precinct of the truest of artists? She writes about what concerns her – not about what might make money.
A true breath of creative fresh air because, with such bravery comes real originality, making her voice unique to her. You can’t mistake her style for anyone else.
Typically, in 2005 Caroline took a bold decision to change her life and to pursue her writing career wherever it led. I guess it has not been easy. But Caroline doesn’t do easy."

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