Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Good to Know Project

Här finns tips om hur man kommer förbi skrivkramp och annan kreativ blockering.
From time to time I get caught up in the idea of what art is “supposed” to be, and in that what my art is supposed to be. When in actuality what I create IS what my art is supposed to be. I get confused and sort of put my self in a box as far as expression is concerned… It isn’t until I regroup and do something creative with a definite outcome that I kind of reboot. For me this is usually baking a cake. If I get stuck or am being too hard on myself, i’ll just bake a cake for someone. It involves planning and precision, as well as creativity and expression, but I know exactly what I want out of it, and something about this really works for me.
~ Lizzy House

I’ve been thinking about this question myself lately. As a painter, my biggest creative block in painting is moving past my graphic design background where I want everything to be “contained” and “fit” and “line up” to a more loose, unbound, free style way of painting. And I’ve found a way to do this. I unblock by painting with my less dominate hand. It helps me tap into my right brain and get the more spontaneous look I seek when I use my left hand. I also will forego the brushes and just get right into the paint using my hands or other tools like string or rags to make marks with.
~ Lindy

My biggest creative block is when my hands and brain dont want to work together. or when my brain simply dries up! the cure is to watch alot of wes anderson and sofia coppola films, and then start drawing with your eyes closed.
~ Caitlin Shearer

My greatest stumbling block to creativity is when I stop drawing for a while. Getting back into the routine is very difficult for me.
I overcome it by working every day, trying not to expect myracles right away (which is difficult and frustrating, but probably serves me right for letting things slide).
~ Julia Freund

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