Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mackan intervjuar Paperback Writer

Mackan Andersson har i sin blogg intervjuat författaren Lynn Viehl. Där säger hon bl a följande tänkvärda ord:
"A great many new writers become very attached to the first novel they finish writing, or the first book they write that has great personal meaning for them, and that attachment convinces them that it must be published. They will stall out their growth as writers while submitting, revising and rewriting this book for years.
However important that “book of your heart” is to you, at some point you have to move on and write the next book because if you don’t, you’ll never improve as a writer. Also, to be candid, the majority of first books and books-of-the-heart that I’ve critiqued for other writers aren’t written at a professional level, not matter how many times they edit, revise and rewrite it."

Källa: Monicas bokskrivardagbok

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