Saturday, September 20, 2008

12 tips på hur man går vidare

Ken Athity ger råd för hur man kan gå vidare. "12 Hints for Rekindling your Creative Spark"
1: Keep moving forward despite your moods.
2: When things get tough, take a vacation.
3: The difficulty you are experiencing is normal - and necessary.
4: Don't doubt yourself.
5: Face your fear, and make it your ally.
6: Associate with positive people, and stop associating with negative people.
7: Take responsibility.
8: Take charge of your own thinking.
9: Let go of the wrong kind of control.
10: Try to figure out what you really want - and start living as though you already have it.
11: Congratulate yourself and celebrate!
12: Try just "coasting" for a few days.
Läs artikeln här.

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