Sunday, May 23, 2010

Barnes & Noble bjuder på gratis e-läsning i sommar

"The Barnes & Noble promotion, which began on Monday, and will run for five weeks, gives a free redeemable code each week for one book. The catch is that you must bring your electronic device into a Barnes & Noble store to get the code. The device can be an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC HD2, PC or Mac (I assume they prefer a laptop to your desktop computer) or B.&N.’s own electronic reader, the Nook.
The first book is ´The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency´ by Alexander McCall Smith. Other titles to be offered include ´The Long Tail´ by Chris Anderson, ´Home Safe´ by Elizabeth Berg, ´Storm Front´ by Jim Butcher, and ´One Shot´ by Lee Child."
Läs mer här.
Detta vore väl något för de svenska förlagen att erbjuda under sommaren?

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