Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Test av olika skrivarprogramvaror

"Ghosthand" har testat en mängd gratis demoversioner (Dramatica Pro, StoryWeaver m fl). Här (scrolla långt ner) ger hon sina betyg.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Andra författarbloggar

Här är tre för mig nya bloggar (svenska) om skrivande:

En författares dagliga dos av ångest


CompuServe - books and writers community.
En resurssida för folk som skriver. Här kan man bl a få hjälp med frågor runt research. Engelkspråkig (som vanligt)...


"One evening in Maui, Jenny Crusie was watching the sun set over the Pacific when Bob Mayer sat down beside her and said, ´What do you write?´ Jenny said, ´Well, basically, in my books, people have sex and get married.´ Bob said, ´In my books, people have sex and die. ´ Naturally they decided to collaborate.Nine months later, Don't Look Down was done. "

En hemsida om författarparet Jenny Cruise och Bob Meyers samarbete.

De har även en skrivarkurs online:
"Welcome to He Wrote/She Wrote: How to Write. Over the next year you’ll be getting the ‘wisdom’ of over thirty-five years of publishing experience from two distinct perspectives. Rather than spend a lot of time on introductions and welcomes, let’s get right into it."
Här är sidan.

Tips på dessa sidor har jag fått från Linda G´s skrivsida.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fem inspirationsdödare

"Even the best writers experience seasons when they wander in a writing wilderness, uninspired and unmotivated. Especially for those writing on spiritual topics, lack of inspiration can be a frustrating experience because inspirational drought may imply we've gotten in the way of divine guidance.
"Läs om fem "inspirationsdödare".

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

anteckningsbok med register

Fira ditt skrivande

Cynthia Morris är författarcoach i USA, läs hennes blogg här.
Här är hennes tips på hur du kan fira ditt skrivande:

  • Write a love note to yourself outlining all your brilliant characteristics.
  • Treat yourself to a new notebook or pack of pens.
  • Visit the art supply store and buy a new brush, tube of paint, sheet of beautiful paper, or other creative treat.
  • Take a pause. Go to the park or other natural environment and allow the sights and sounds to rejuvenate your spirit.
  • Give yourself an afternoon in the library, museum or bookstore. Pick up ideas and inspiration for the next creative phase.
  • Call up a creative buddy and schedule a walk or coffee date. Trade acknowledgements of each other’s progress.
  • Make a list of all the things you have done for your creativity in the last six months. Give yourself gold stars for everything.
  • Reread a journal or free write notebook. Take stock of how far you have come and prepare for more.
  • Compile your victories in a portfolio or notebook. Use a three-ring binder with plastic sheets to protect your clips, reviews, articles about you or other kudos you get.
  • Ask your significant other or a friend to help you celebrate. Let them in on the fun.
  • Get tickets for a concert, reading or gallery or museum show opening. Connecting to others’ creative expression will feed your own.
  • Make notes about what you brought to bear on your creative life. Your persistence, your sense of humor, your willingness to listen to your instincts, all will help you in the next phase of the journey.
  • Plan a retreat – an afternoon, a day, a weekend, a week – in a nearby locale to fuel yourself.
  • Make a list of your own celebrations and rewards. When you hit a milestone, small or large, you’ll be ready to party on! How do you celebrate? Share your ideas here.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Skriv (på engelska) om att vara förälder med skrivarambitioner

Här är en liten tävling för föräldrar som skriver (på engelska):

Writing's hard; parenting's harder. Only the strongest souls would consider doing them both at the same time, and we applaud that spirit.
Writer's Digest wants to hear from you on the topic of: "When Parenting and Writing Collide." Write your best original, unpublished parenting-and-writing story in a 500-word essay and e-mail it to "Writer Mama contest" in the subject line. Christina Katz, author of "Writer Mama," will select the top three entries. The first-place entry will be published in an upcoming issue of Writer's Digest magazine; second- and third-place entries will be posted on All winners will receive a signed copy of "Writer Mama." All entries must be e-mailed to by March 31.
The entry must be written in the body of the e-mail; attachments will not be accepted or opened. Each entry should include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Only the winning writers will be contacted, and entries will not be returned. Writer's Digest retains first-time rights to run the winning entries in the magazine and/or on our website or associated websites, after which all rights return to the author. The decisions of the editors are final.