Saturday, April 09, 2011

Jacqui hjälper dig på vägen mot bok

"It’s not uncommon to spend months, even years procrastinating about writing: researching, making notes, thinking about writing, writing articles to promote your ‘platform’ or attending writers groups, indeed anything other than working on a solid draft of the book. Worse, some of us get so frozen with self-doubt that we have periods where we don’t write at all. We’re so worried about getting the plot right that we are afraid to write a scene. Or else we have a draft of a novel, but we’re afraid we may never be able to form it into a finished version, so we keep writing more fragments but never pull it together to make a whole.”
Jacqui Lofthouse är författare och författarcoach från England. Här kan man beställa henne e-bok Get black on white - 30 Days to Productivity
and Confidence for Writers

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