Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Skillnaden mellan att skriva roman och filmmanus

"It’s like playing two different sports at the same time such as playing European football and one hour later playing American football. I have only one brain, and I can’t multi-task because there’s such a big difference of sensibility between novel writing and screen writing. They rely on different instincts, and if you try to do them at the same time, they will cross over. If you’re writing a script, it’s for the screen; people watch it so the writing is superficial. When you’re writing a novel, you’re multi-dimensional because you’re plunging inside a character; you’re narrating a world around. And if you try to write a novel with a screenwriting sensibility, it would be very superficial. And if you write a screenplay with a novel writing sense, it would be too heavy." Richard Price i intervju i Todays Zaman.

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