Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Författarplattform - lättare sagt än gjort

"Everyone loves a juicy news bite. But before you decide that ebooks rule and print is dead and it's time to self-publish your magnum opus online, there's a bit more to be said about all these stories.
The ´Gatekeepers´ article does something that many discussions of the seismic changes that are rocking the publishing world too often seem to do: it takes several non-typical examples, and, either by implication or omission, makes it seem as if they can apply to anyone. The authors discussed in the article are successful, established writers--in some cases, best selling writers--who possessed substantial platforms and self-promotional savvy before deciding to bypass their commercial publishers and self-publish. These are advantages that your average debut author, who must begin from scratch, or your long-time midlister, whose small audience is mainly characterized by the fact that it never gets much bigger, don't possess. What Seth Godin can do, in other words, probably isn't what you can do."
Victoria Strauss skriver i Writer Beware om hur svårt det i själva verket är att nå ut med en självpublicerad e-bok.

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