Monday, February 08, 2010

"Generic writing is getting more and more devalued"

"The company has five times more video on YouTube than any other single source and over one million original articles floating around the Web with an endless array of how-to and what-the-heck instructionals on everything from how to make your own bobblehead doll to bobbing for apples.According to the company, its YouTube videos are streamed 2.5 million times daily. And in those five days it took me to write this column, the company published 20,000 new articles or videos about losing weight, learning new tricks on a skateboard or tips for job hunting."
Via Jurgen Wolffs blogginlägg hittade jag till denna artikel i The new York Times. Sökordsoptimerade artiklar leder till ett nytt slags prosa och enorma mängder artiklar på webben.
Så här tycker Jurgen Wolff om det hela:
"generic writing is getting more and more devalued. The internet is awash with it and that will only increase. If you want to profit from what you write, it is ever more important to figure out: what is it that only you can write? What unique experience or viewpoint do you have--or can you find--that sets your writing apart. I believe that's equally true in fiction and non-fiction. Finding that is not easy, but in today's writing market it's crucial. Unless you're happy enough doing the equivalent of fast-food writing for fast-food pay.

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