Thursday, August 07, 2008

Författa med bollplank

Att arbeta så här tycker jag låter inspirerande, så som Diane Chamberlaine berättar i sin blogg: med en annan som initialt bollplank:
"Years ago, while working on my fourth book, Keeper of the Light, I hired writing consultant Peter Porosky to help me brainstorm the plot and structure. I lived in Virginia at the time, and Peter lived nearly an hour's drive away from me in Maryland. He'd read my initial outline and we got right down to work, talking about characters and storyline. I already loved the story I had in mind, but talking about it with another writer was thrilling. Peter would never tell me what I should do, but he talked about what worked and what didn't and prompted me to come up with my own solutions."

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Elisabet said...

Åh vilken toppen blogg :D tack för att du delar med dig !!

Vem vet, när jag vill lägga ut min novell/bok så finns detta fortfarande kvar :)

Kram på er och njut.