Friday, April 11, 2008

Perfektionism - inte alltid bra

Martha Alderson är "manusdoktor" och hjälper folk med synopsis. I bloggen ger hon exempel och råd. Här (inlägg från 10/4 08)intressant läsning om en klients perfektionism som gjort att han filat på de första 50 sidorna i flera år:
"He's spent the past three years on the first 50 pages of the first book in his planned series. Granted, he has done extensive research. Still, when he finally does focus on his story, he's stuck.
I strongly believe in supporting writers to write an entire draft all the way through, no matter how rough or awful, to the Climax without going back to the beginning. To that end, I recommended this writer to print out the first 50 pages he's perfected over the years and the other 50 pages of rough draft he's written. Put the hard copy of the first 100 pages of his proposed 400 page book into a binder. Every time he finishes a chapter, which to fit his desired deadline works out to 6 pages 5 days a week, he is to print what he's done and put that in the binder, too."

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