Friday, May 13, 2011

"Spark: How Creativity Works."

"´Our most difficult times shape who we are - embrace them.´
Burstein emphasizes that the painful moments ´often spark creativity,´ and that we must ´stop, look and remember´ that which hurts us most. While many frequently look away and shrug off pain, the truly gifted artists embrace pain.
Burstein told the stories of painter Bill Viola, who nearly drowned as a teenager and went on to create water imagery, as well as novelist Richard Ford's dyslexia that forced him to ardently study and analyze compositions, creating the foundation for his writing.
She also spoke of painter Chuck Close's prosopagnosia - an inability to recognize human faces - that drove him to creating a method for "breaking down" faces into components. He now uses that technique to create astonishing 8-foot-tall facial portraits."
Artikel i i om Julie Bursteins bok "Spark: How Creativity Works."
Källa: Jurgen Wolff

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