Tuesday, August 10, 2010

En app till romanen

"I got additional publicity for censoring myself, so the app shot to #7 in the free book apps category, right after the Bible. It was doing 1,000 downloads a week. And what that did was create awareness for the book. Yes, I sold a decent amount of paperbacks (about 1,000 in four and half months) but I was doing better with the Kindle version, which I priced at $3.99. I think that’s a perfect price for newbie authors. I was selling close to 400 Kindle books a month and hit number #1 in the legal thriller category. Remember, this was in the early days of the device (early 2009), when not as many people had them and Grisham wasn’t available digitally.
Overlook allowed me to put out about 150 pages of the book as a free sample for a limited time. This time Apple approved the app, naughty words and all, now that it has a new rating system for books. I also put it up on Scribd, which is a cool site for sharing documents that a lot of traditional publishers are looking at to promote samples. Overlook’s been open about trying new things. Again, it’s about creating awareness for the book, and sometimes you have to do something a little different to rise above the noise."
Författaren David Carnoy berättar mer här.

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