Sunday, February 27, 2011

Minns ni lukten av skrivmaskin?

"But for all the speed and ease and no-hassle perks that today's technology offers for writers pursuing publication, I feel like something is still missing. I think it's time. For all the hell I went through, I also got a huge amount of time along with it to find out who I am as a writer.
I had -- literally -- two decades to practice and think about the work, and study it, and develop it, and try things and discard things. During the last ten years, I had all the time I needed to develop theories and work habits, look and find ways to improve my productivity, and teach myself how to be a working writer. Every day I did this; I thought about it, I was obsessed with it. Before I published one word I had like seven or eight different major shifts in what I wrote, too, the same way a painter goes through a blue period or decides to change mediums."
Paperback Writer skriver om tiderna då man använde skrivmaskin och tipex.


Evalinn said...

Det är fascinerande hur det har förändrats!

Monica O Kolkman said...

Ja, jag minns lukten av skrivmaskin som om det var i går.

Det var på en gammaldags skrivmaskin jag började skriva. Då var jag inte mer än ett barn.