Thursday, July 01, 2010

Så får du mer tid att skriva

•drop all that busy work that gets you nowhere;
•drop all the clients who don’t add to your business and do eat into your writing time;
•drop all the negative writer friends who drag you down;
•drop the agent who is holding you back;
•drop all the manuscripts you don’t really love, those you started just because you thought they were marketable;
•drop all your high expectations—you don’t have to have the cleanest house on the block (one writer was spending six hours every Saturday cleaning her house, and she had no kids or pets!);
•drop whatever you find is within that 80 percent of wasted effort. Focus on that result-getting 20 percent of effort.

Tips från Victoria Lynn Schmidt, vars blogg jag hittade hos Linda Govik.


Anonymous said...

Kan ingen översätta till svenska?

Jenny Forsberg said...

Kloka råd där! Att göra sig av med tids- och energitjuvar för att göra plats för det som verkligen är viktigt. Det gillar jag!